General Rules

a) The present regulations were written to keep the harmony, well-being and security of the residents and to be able to respect each other as well as the residence staff members. For this reason, they must be strictly fulfilled. In case there is any problem, it should be communicated to the administration office to be solved.
b) The residents should and have to respect every single rule during their stay in the residence. Whatsmore, they will have to respect the staff members working there.
c) The use of drugs and alcohol is totally forbidden. If any resident is caught under the effects of drugs or alcohol he or she will have to leave the residence.
d) Nobody will be allowed to enter drunk or to disturb any other resident or neighbor.
e) No meetings will be allowed at the entrance or very near the building.
f) Between 2 and 4 pm and from 11 pm onwards there must be a quiet atmosphere in the residence.
g) The rooms will not be used for meetings. The places for these purposes are the common areas.
h) If any residence happens to lose any key he / she will have to replace it and under no circumstances keys will be lent to anybody.
i) The residence staff will be allowed to check the rooms to verify that the rules are respected.

Rent payment

The rent must be paid in advance every 30 (thirty) days between the 1st and 5th every month. Payments which are made after deadline will have a 1% per delay day.
The term in the residence is from March to December and both months will be fully paid. Besides, if the resident starts his/ her stay between the 1st and 15th of the month the full month will have to be paid. In case of startin the stay after the 15th only those 15 days will have to be paid.
If the resident needs, for any reason, to be away from the institution (private affairs or winter holidays) this will not affect rent payment in any way.
The recurrent delays on payment after deadline may cause the resident to be asked to leave the residence. In this case, the administration will make immediate use of the vacancy (and the resident will lose the guaranty deposit month).

Registration and guaranty deposit

To be accepted the residents should pay an annual registration fee. This registration fee is not refundable.
In the same way, they should pay some guaranty deposit, equal to the monthly rent of the room.
This deposit will be refunded to the resident the moment he leaves the residence, provided that this is informed in written, more than 60 days in advance from the departure date. This can only be done up to August the 31st, otherwise the guaranty will cover the rent corresponding to December.
The residents that will temporarily stay in the residence should make this clear the moment he/ she starts the stay. In this case, they should pay a different weekly or monthly rent that is paid by temporary residents.

Entrance hours-guests

There is not restriction concerning the entrance and exit hours.
The visit hour is from 10 AM to 10 PM. The students should be responsible for any damage or problem that their guests may cause. Guests should only stay in the common areas , their stay in the bedrooms is totally forbidden.
It is also forbidden to allow non residents to enter after the allowed hours, except for studying reasons, which should require previous permission.
No resident will be allowed entrance if drunken. He will be allowed to disturb the neighbourhood or do anything that may disturb any of the other residents of the house. The use of drugs and alcoholic drinks is strictly prohibited. At any evidence of its use, the resident will be immediately punished, his / her parents , tutor or the Institution that sent him will be informed. The student will be asked to leave the residence.


Towel gown and appropriate footwear will be required to take a shower. The residents must take their own towels.
Toilet paper, cotton and pads, etc. should be discharged in the appropriate receptacles.

Kitchen and Dining Room

Students can have access to the kitchen, the refrigerators, microwave ovens,cooking pots and pans
Residents should bring their plates, cutlerly, cups, glasses, etc. Once they finish their meals, they must leave everything clean and tidy.
The kitchen can be used between 11 am and  3 pm, and between 6pm and 10 pm.


The residence will not be responsible for any loss of valuable objects, money or other belongings.Each resident is responsible for any damage in his room. In the case of any damage in common areas and/or furniture, the residents will have to pay for them., unless the responsible one personally admits it and pays for it.

Any violation of the present regulations will be punished by the Direction, and the resident may be expelled if the damage is serious enough. In this case, the deposit month will not be refunded.